Microbrewery services

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Install for Greene King at a bar called The Florence, London


The project at the Florence helps local kids

4 head cask washer built for The Great North Eastern Brewery


The cask washer in The Great North Eastern Brewery in Dunston

Install of the microbrewery at Caledonian


“Brewery within a brewery” at Caledonian

The Olde Potting Shed Brewery, High Spen, Gateshead


The Olde Potting Shed Brewery, High Spen, Gateshead

Ushers Brewery, West Nicolson St., Edinburgh


Tempest Brew House, Galashiels

Cask washer


Tempest Brewing Company, Kelso


Swing bend panel at Stewart Brewing, Loanhead


Transfer pipes at Stewart Brewing, Loanhead


Hadrian and Border brewery Multi vessel pilot plant


Professional equipment for craft brewing

Along with our consultants we design build and supply complete breweries from 400 litre batch size to 8,000 litre batch size. Individual items of brewing plant. Automation starting with temperature control. Cleaning in place (CIP) systems to take the strain out of cleaning. Nitrogenerators for a creamy thick head. Carbonators to add sparkle to your bottled and keg beer. Filters for crystal bright beer. Cask washing machines, Keg washing machines, Keg filling machines.

We can also modify existing equipment to suit your requirements for example modifying tanks to dual purpose vessels (DPV) or adding cooling panels.

Cask washers

An economic simple to operate cask washing system Single 360 deg. spray head unit. For the initial dirty flush through the spray head by mains cold water and down to the drain.

The second cycle by means of closing and opening off two valves and using the reservoir of hot dilute caustic solution heated by a 3kw thermostatically controlled heating element circulated via a stainless steel centrifugal 40psi pump through a 360 degree spray pattern rotating spray head for sterilization.

Finally a second wash by mains cold water reversing the closed/open valve procedure to flush away any residue caustic solution to the drain. All stainless steel construction. 240V Single phase.

If you have a requirement for any microbrewery services or cask washers, or simply need advice on how to brew your own beer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Get in touch with us

To get in touch with Scotia Welding & Fabrication simply call on 01578 722 696 or 07990 554 270. If you have a question about welding, fabrication or our microbrewery services send us an email using our contact form, or you can visit us at: Scotia Welding & Fabrication, Brigadoon, Pyatshaw, Lauder, Scottish Borders, TD2 6SH.