Nanobrewery services

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Scotia Welding & Fabrication's very own nanobrewery

Nanobrewery equipment for pubs and hotels

What could be better than watching your clients enjoying a glass of delicious own-brewed organic beer, made without unnecessary chemicals and additives, all brewed on your own premises with a nanobrewery?

Studies show that although people are drinking less alcohol, consumers tastes are becoming more discriminating. As a result, microbrews are becoming more and more popular. In a brew pub, you can brew your own beer right on the premises. In a beer bar, you can offer a large selection of different types of beer, including microbrews produced elsewhere.

Another benefit to owning a beer bar or brewpub is men drink beer more often than any other alcoholic beverage, which can translate into a profitable business for you. Since you are creating your own product in the brew house, you have the ability to be self-sufficient and control what you make and sell from quality to quantity.

If you are interested in setting up a nanobrewery for your own pub or hotel, get in touch with us and we'd be happy to discuss your ideas, as well as providing experienced advice on how to brew your own beer.

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